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Micro-Kit DELUXE (First Aid Kit)
Micro-Kit DELUXE (First Aid Kit)

Our Price: $14.99

Item #: 210-0922

Micro-Kit DELUXE (personal first aid kit)

Group Size: 1-2 People
Trip Duration: N/A
Weight: 6 oz

The Micro-Kit DELUXE is a slightly larger, beefier version of our Micro-Kit personal first aid pouch. Designed for everyday use, this kit fits perfectly into a small, convenient soft pouch. Packed with more than just the bare necessities, this kit is ideal for just about anywhere! Great for your car, backpacking, the gun range, or just to keep around the house!

(1) pair nitrile gloves (latex-free)
(2) alcohol wipes

(2) antibiotic ointment packets
(2) hydrocortisone packets
(1) burn jel packet
(4) bandages, 1"x3" (latex-free)
(1) bandage, fingertip (latex-free)
(1) bandage, knuckle (latex-free)
(1) bandage, large 2"x4" (latex-free)
(2) butterfly bandages (latex-free)
(4) gauze pads,
2"x2" (sterile)
(1) gauze roll (sterile)
(1) silk tape, 1" (
(2) diaper pins

(2) packets of aspirin
(2) packets of ibuprofen
(2) packets of generic benadryl
(2) sting swabs

(1) keychain CPR mask
(1) tweezers, stainless steel
(1) trauma shears

(1) tick ID card
(1) first aid pouch

Pouch Size: 7" x 5" x 2"
Color(s): Red/Tan
Weight: 6 oz (full kit with pouch)

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